Your Journey Of Keeping Bugs Starts Right Here!

Ready to get started? Great! It’s fascinating to explore the world of keeping bugs. But to make the start easier I’ll be here with you every step of your journey!

One thing you should know from the start

You must understand the needs and requirements of the bug you want to keep before you obtain it. You should never, ever obtain an animal before researching its needs and preparing a suitable living environment.

I aim to be as helpful and honest as possible so you’ll have the best start. On this website, you can find a tremendous amount of content to help you out, guide you and prepare you so that you can enjoy your bug’s life.

Confused about where to start?

Let me guide you!

I know when you come to a website that has so much information that you don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming or a bit frustrating.

Well, that should not happen to you, right?

So let me guide you through my website so you get a feel with the content and how to use it. If you’re new here, I have created three starter pages on this site that you at least need to understand before you to start.

Start with the basics of keeping bugs

As they say, be prepared is half the work. Keeping bugs is something totally different from keeping cats and dogs.

This section focuses on the basics of keeping bugs: from housing to cleaning to make the best environmental conditions.

Try to find the species that suits best with you

You can find many species of bugs on this website. This section focus on finding the best species that suits your wishes.

It is important to be prepared for what you can expect from the bugs you want to keep, so it doesn’t surprise or disappoint you in the future

Improve your care, fix problems and issues, and increase your knowledge

Make a deep dive for a specific species with our complete practical guides. We will add more and more species on how to care for them.